Who Stole the Cookies? welcomed onto CP24 Breakfast TV

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When we arrived at the studios of CP24 last Saturday, producer Milan welcomed us and advised us to set up on the beautiful second floor balcony—outdoors. Chelsia and Findlay helped us with the details of our gear and stage area, but then it started to drizzle. 
So at the last minute we quickly and quietly relocated all our equipment—amps, guitars and drum kit—into the live studio, next to the on-air hosts: Nneka Elliott, Pooja Handa, and Jamie Gutfreund.

All the people and personalities were gracious and professional, as we set up right in the middle of their studio. They made sure we were taken care of—makeup, sound checks, band camera angles, refreshments, etc. During the playing of our first song, It Is What It Is, the hosts started grooving to our music. In fact, after both our kick-ass songs (Rev It Up was the other), all of them heartily applauded.

When we came back live, Jamie Gutfreund interviewed us. Before going on air, I asked him if he could tell us the questions he would ask in advance, but he said, “Nope.” Being a musician himself, his questions brought out the best in us. The producer Milan alerted us to a funny shot of Tony, with Pooja smiling, looking like she was sitting on his shoulder. We enjoyed our studio time at CP24 and we look forward to the next time we stop by.