Toronto Beaches Jazz Fest: 
Our Woodbine Park Performance on the Main Stage

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With any performance, big or small, it’s the people that make it a success, give it a special flavour. Well, with our big show at the Jazz Fest this year, everyone was pleased. The large number of spectators enjoyed the music, we enjoyed playing, and the Jazz Fest hospitality and stage crew people treated us well—with every attention to detail.

From the start, we were ushered into the VIP area and provided with everything specified in our rider—food, drinks, dressing room, etc. Our family and friends were also provided for.

The lovely Martine took us around to inspect the stage and meet Bill King (Artistic Director), Rico Ferrara (Stage Manager), and Lido Chilelli (Executive Director). At one point, Bill King asked me how it was that we made it to the main stage so rapidly after two years on the street. Needless to say, it felt good to be praised for the quality of our original songs.

Our set lest of originals we selected were: Can You Feel the Rhythm?, Life Is What You Make It, Pretty Ugly, Hi-Fi, It Is What It Is, and Rev It Up.

Billy Zee of (our videographer) interviewed us for his show ‘Musicians In Bars Getting Beer’. Mike Wiensczyk of ‘Stratophotography’ took stills of us. [I’ll write a blog about Billy Zee next time.] When on stage, we met the soundman Dan who followed our tech rider to a Tee. Trevor expertly helped us set up. From start to finish, all went well. The sound quality was the best we had ever had. Even from the edge of the park, people could hear every note, clearly.

The weather held up well and the sun burst through the clouds, despite the gloomy forecasts. The music spread out from the stage and filled the people and the park, 
and rang out toward the sky.