The Cookies Keep Occupied, Sought-after, In Demand

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We are happy to report that the kind of Boomer Rock we play continues to excite and satisfy a surprising range of people. With new kinds of music constantly emerging, and with the Internet growing allowing songs to be easily accessible digitally, we knew we were competing for attention and playtime across many levels.

As a self-managed band, we strive to market our band to a variety of people and venues. It seems like the more familiar the public is with the Cookies, the more gigs we play. Our website is helpful, as is the word of mouth of those who have come to our shows.

We try to pace ourselves and our shows, but this summer is proving to be our busiest yet! We’ve even had some booking challenges because of the flood of requests. We are currently wondering if these times are indeed our heyday—with more original songs and interesting cover arrangements of hit songs.

We really like travelling out of town and playing different communities. Though the car ride, and the equipment loading and unloading can be drawn-out, it’s all worthwhile at the end of the day. It’s the changing scenery and the variety of people that we love to embrace. Yes, it can take a few hours to travel from Toronto to some of our out-of-town gigs, but when we arrive, we are received and treated very well. We ease into the social scene, mix and mingle with our host groups, and we instinctively know where to edit our set list, what our banter will be as we connect with the audience, and how to pound each song home!

May 6th – (Fun Fact: our music gladdens hearts during sad news of Fort McMurray fires)
We kicked off our spring with a visit to Smiling Jack’s. In the news were the devastating fires at Fort McMurray. We all joined in wishing the people’s safety and survival, heartened by strangers helping each other as the wildfire advanced. Our energy lifted to match the positive thoughts and emotions of all those at the pub.

May 18th – (Fun Fact: Tony plays first ever gig without his hat)
We travelled up to the luxurious JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa for the Institute of Communication Agencies’ Future Flash 2016 conference. With a magnificent view overlooking Lake Rosseau, we settled into our rooms and enjoyed a walk about. After dinner, we entertained the advertising and marketing professionals with our crowd-pleasing brand of rock rhythms and melodies. Smiles and jovial conversations filled the air, including a fireworks display in between our sets.

May 26th – (Fun Fact: Drama professionals dance with artistic flare)
The theatre company ‘Shakespeare In The Ruff’ celebrated their 5th Birthday Bash by having a fundraising gala at the Estonian House on Broadview. The “Ruffians” operate outdoors (at Withrow Park), creating adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays with youth and adults. We enjoyed watching the cast and crew – some dressed in Shakespearean clothing, dance to our music imaginatively before us. It was rewarding to join the many members of the public in support of this excellent community theatre company!

June 4th – (Fun Fact: Two gigs in one day!! Not-so-fun Fact: Kelly injures his wrist – Oh oh, our drummer?!)
We opened up the Pickering Ribfest’s Entertainment lineup at 12:30 pm. As people settled down to munch on their ribs, pulled pork sandwiches and enjoy a cold one, we played about 20 songs in a row with people singing and dancing all the way through. Near the end of our set, Kelly tried to adjust a tilted microphone and fell backwards, off the stage platform, injuring his left wrist. Amazingly, he was able to finish the last three songs. His wrist was quite bad, and he iced it at home and wore a tensor band to secure it. Would he be able to play our debut performance at a new venu Drums N Flats that very night???

After a nap and some rest, we all met at Drums N Flats in the evening, wondering if Kelly’s wrist would hold out. With sheer force of will, Kelly managed remarkably well. We kicked off the show with owner Dan Ferracuti – and his group with maracas and tambourines – who led the rhythm section at stage right. All the beautiful people crowded the dance floor and remained, song after song. When the time came for Kelly’s big drum solo, we told him he could skip it. He insisted he try, and with a jolt of adrenalin, aided by the whole crowd cheering, he pulled it off flawlessly – and together – we pulled off a very memorable show. We look forward to our next gig at Drums N Flats on October 22nd!

July 8th – (Fun Fact: The Bouncer doesn’t like the song Mustang Sally, though the crowd merrily sang along – he’s heard it far too often)
We returned to Pickering with a spirited performance at the Harp & Crown. Annie and Bruce celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, and the drummer for the Bay City Rollers, George Spencer, was in the audience. Manager Tari complimented us on how smooth our show and sets were.

August 13th – (Fun Fact: We played inside a huge tent, and Marshall Dane, country singer, performed at set break)
For the ‘Rigs and Rides’ event (in support of our trucking and automotive enthusiasts), we arrived at a lovely farm home (Clarington, near Newcastle) from different directions: Tony from Prince Edward County, Kelly from Newmarket, and Jamie and Nick from the GTA. We were set up in a huge tent because of severe thunderstorms all day. Inside the tent fit a flatbed trailer stage, and plenty of tables for everyone. Donna and Dave were gracious hosts and we had a good time with all!!!!

The key to our success is that we really enjoy each other’s company and we perform so cohesively on stage together. It’s also because we don’t have massive egos and puffed-up opinions about ourselves. We have individual opinions, quirks, and gifts which add to our creativity and uniqueness and make us the artists people like to hang out with.

– Nick